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volleytrend camp


One of VOLLEY TREND ideas was to found an international volleyball camp for promoting volleyball in Serbia. We achieved that in 2010. For three
years the gathering place of hundreds of girls and boys, future aces in one of the most awarded sports in Serbia, was Topola. In 2013, we chose
Kosjerić, a town situated between Valjevo and Užice offering outstanding conditions for training and preparation. Hotel Olympic (former Skrapež)
redecorated, with a pool, a beautiful sports hall and its accompanying facilities, is the best choice for absolute working vacation and relaxation and
enjoying the magical game over the net.

The proof of our international camp’s value and reputation is the number of children coming from Europe (Russia, Greece, Romania, Spain, France,
Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia...) as well as from America and Canada, and hundreds of them went through the camp in the last five years. It’s a great
honour to have dozens of trainers from the states of former Yugoslavia, Europe, along with America, Australia and New Zealand. With professional
work of Serbia’s best trainers and national team players’ promotion, who have announced their participation, the youngest ones will learn from the
best, that is, from acknowledged trainers and national team players.

We are proud to say that our camp has been visited by the best volleyball players like Milena Rašić, Jovana Vesović, Ana Antonijević, Tomislav Dokić,
Milan Rašić, Ana Lazarević, Nikola Kovačević, Aleksandra Crnčević, Nemanja Radović. The doctor of senior national team of Serbia, Dr Ljuban
Martinović, also paid us a visit and held a lecture about proper diet and its significance in sport. Dr Ljuban Martinović is in charge of creating the menu
for our campers every year.

Honestly, we are very pleased with the results we have made so far and we hope to have more children from Serbia and abroad in the future.

Anybody who has trained volleyball for minimum two years can apply for the international volleyball camp. Whether they are tall or not, younger or
older, everyone has a chance to make their dreams come true. Of course, we have to point out that numerous volleyball players who fulfilled their
dream of becoming part of the national female volleyball team participated in VOLLEY TREND camp. Some of the campers were part of several
national selections, for their age or in older groups. Many of them can pride themselves in being states’ champions in various categories (pioneer,
cadet, junior) even in senior competition!

This is the camp where you will grow to love volleyball, where you will have all necessary training conditions, which sent out many current champions
in different selections. You cannot make a mistake you can only succeed and make your dream come true with our help!

Volleyball camp "VOLLEY TREND", famous and renowned domestic and international volleyball brand is a unique sports organisation to us, Europe and the world in which the most modern methods and with the most modern means of works on enriching and perfecting odbojkaskog and other knowledge of young volleyball players and to professional training and training coaches. Volleyball camp "VOLLEY TREND" occupies a leading position among the volleyball camps.

International volleyball camp "VOLLEY TREND 2018" and this year prepared something new! Under the motto "be prepared" conceptual creators of famous volleyball camps in our country offer great and superb conditions for skilled work and training.

Meet our camp ...

We want to offer you much more, the best accommodations, best diet and much more.
Working children in the camp in continuity following the best coaches from Serbia.
Prices of campsites for 2018. year remain unchanged.
We scout campers for professional volleyball, as well as to colleges in the United States and Canada. We'll have help of coaches from the United States and Canada who have announced the arrival to our camp.
This year we expect You in the following terms:

23.06-02.07 ; 02.07-11.07 ; 11.07-20.07 ; 20.07-29.07.2018.

This year, for a first time, Volley Trend will organize camp in Bulgairia - Panaguriste !!!
Identical camp program as in Kosjeric!
Shifts will be in the following terms:
07.07-16.07 ; 16.07-25.07 ; 25.07-03.08.2018.

For more informations please visit official page of Volley Trend camp www.camp.volleytrend.com