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Volley Trend for over a decade successfully represent Serbia in the field of sports management. For twelve years in business, a reputable company made a link with the same or similar sports partners in many countries not only in Europe but in the world. The goal is to Volley trend from year to year, a wider range of sporting activities to offer new business cooperation. With proven experience in sports management and the fact that the Volley trend propelled many volleyball players and volleyball players, the national team and the Serbian national team, we like to prepare the organization of sports teams, tournaments, camps, friendly matches.Proof trust agency Volley trend is massive in international camp that existed for three years, and who have gone through thousands of kids and girls from all European countries, USA, Australia, New Zealand ...

Ambitions people grow day by day and just like the itself Volley trend. A new idea under the auspices of our company is to prepare athletes and teams, regardless of whether it is the individual and collective sports. With an attractive destination in the country and outside Serbia, an excellent program and a guaranteed quality Volley trend aims to confirm, but only "reserved" spots on the map of attractive destinations. The overall program requirements and are adapted to our clients, and with the expert help that is inevitable, preparations at the top level are warranted.

We started with this sport and now we offer a handball, football, soccer, basketball, water sports, athletics, golf, individual sports. At this step, we decided to entice more attention and trust you, our old and new clients.

We want to meet all of your criteria. For this reason we have selected the best quality and the best destinations in Serbia and Slovenia. If you decide to prepare in our country, beautiful mountains Zlatibor and Kopaonik, waiting for you. Kosjerie also offering excellent working conditions. Kovilovo Sports Centre, 15 kilometers from Belgrade, and the House of Football in Stara Pazova, 30 kilometers from our capital, making the oasis and the traditional sports base. In the very center of Belgrade, Hotel M rich program and Hotel N, which are associated with SC "Banjica" Hotels and Serbian, with sports temple, hall lumice" the best invitation to prepare at the highest level. In Slovenia Rogla and Kranjska Gora, will satisfy the most demanding ones, for the excellent conditions, great supporting facilities and programs, guarantee the successful preparation. Portoroz, located in the Bay of Piran Bay, its attractiveness and beauty, is alluring enough for you to want to "working vacation" time at the sea.

Only one of the synonyms and recognition of our work is international volleyball camp. We started with operational in 2010. and each subsequent year to try to preserve its reputation. We are proud that in six years of existence, the camp, which will be the 2013th The children from all over Europe and the world to host the Kosjeri6 were worth attention. They came to us as a volleyball aces from Greece, Spain, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Poland, Austria, South America, Canada, Australia ... With numerous promoters from male and female senior Serbian national team coaches and professional work, the youngest can learn real skills, one of the most successful sports in our country. We are honored that we can host a number of coaches from the former Yugoslav Republics, the countries of the old continent, as well as America, Australia and New Zealand.

We are proud to present You a special program designed for the preparation of sport teams and individual sports.

We have chosen the best destinations in Serbia and Slovenia.

The rich palette offer if you choose to work superbly in Serbia, there are Kovilovo Sports Centre, 15 kilometers from Belgrade, and the House of Football in Stara Pazova, 30 kilometers from our capital, real oasis and already have traditional sports base. "M" Hotel, the traditional base of our men's and women's volleyball senior team and nothing less attractive hotels "N" and "Srbija" has offered the best conditions tested, and the superior training and preparation in the hall of the Sports Center "Banjica", sport hall "Dynamic" with excellent conditions and temple "Šumice". You can find pleasent place to stay in "City Code", too!

If your desire is to get away from busy city life, you have selected to go to the mountain of Zlatibor and will enjoy all the benefits of the hotel "Wai Tai". An oasis of peace in the Serbian mountain beauty and rich content, will allow you to have the perfect atmosphere and a high level of organization and individual preparations. Kosjerić also offers excellent conditions, best recommendation, trust us. Do not forget, "Solaris Resort" in Vrnjačka Banja, the excellent climate. If this is not your final destination, come in "Aquastar Danube" in lovely Kladovo, on the banks of the Danube, yet more beautiful!

This year, for you, who want to enjoy the natural beauty and attractive sports centers in Slovenia, Kranjska Gora and Rogla, Portoroz in Piran Bay are the best choice. Numerous sports facilities, golf and spa complex and a high level of work, the best offer for your preparation. We found room for everything, basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, tennis, handball ... Under the watchful eye of proven coaches from all sports, and in addition to the above, enticing destinations, we want to reach the European level. Finally, together with all of you, our precious present and future clients make distinctive trend not only in Serbia but also outside the country.

We have to offer and exceptional location in Bulgaria (Panagyuriste, Pravec, Samoklovo and Albena) that provide excellent conditions for sports training and, perhaps most importantly, very attractive location due to exceptional conditions and favorable financial conditions !!!

We think that whatever destination you choose to prepare your team, you will not go wrong. Be sure that you will feel like home with excellent conditions for holding your preparation!!!