Physical preparations

volleytrend physical preparations


Analyzing the work Volley Trend until now we came to the conclusion that we need to organize physical preparation for our players to be able to advance in their career, but also to provide them with the opportunity to be always physically ready when they want to find a club engagement!!!

Program consists of the following structure of physical preparation

a) The development of motor skills
b) Improving and maintaining specific motor skills
c) Improvement and maintenance of motor skills
d) Plan and program of training directed the development of motor skills, but solely by the desire of campers, of course, in agreement with the coach and on the basis of the battery of tests that will determine a current state and compared with standardized norms for male and female players, of course, depending on the age, gender and constitution, the position in the team and so on.

It is possible to create a dedicated program for each player, which would look like this:

1 Physical preparation for players depending on the age, sex and constitution

2 The program of physical training for players from 16- and onwards

3 Preparations of players aged 10 and onwards

4 Preparing players for the season

5 Recovery after injury

6 Recovery Programme - survey


1. Physical preparation for player

- Development speed (speed of reaction, the rate of individual movement, movement frequency) 
- Develop agility 
- The development of mobility 
- Work in a gym display trainings 
- Work on the aerobic component where the energy component anaerobic directions 
- A combination of the development of specific motor skills combined with technical elements of the game
- Nutrition 
- Recommendations 
- Advice

2. The program of physical training for players from 16- and onwards

- Depends on the desire and ability of the athlete or athletes 
- Testing 
- Anthropometric measures 
- Age 
- Pol 
- Position on the team 
The minimum duration of the training process is 10 days, the rest is all a matter of agreement 
A promotion and maintenance of specific motor skills combined with technical and tactical game elementime 
- Improving aerobic fitness (aerobic power, aerobic capacity. ...) 
- Improving anaerobic capacity (anaerobic laktatnih- lactate tolerance, anaerobic alaktatnih 
* Strength (maximal, explosive, speed, endurance, strength) 
* Development of force 
* Development speed (speed of reaction, the speed of individual movements, movement frequency) 
* Development of flexibility (mobility) 
* The development of coordination 
* Balance 
* Proprioception 
* Recommendations and Tips

3. Preparations of players aged 10 and onwards - especially motor skills

- Development of coordination 
- Correct running technique 
- Development care and agility through the game 
- Program for strengthening the back muscles in order to attempt to eliminate back deformities (scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, ...) 
- Program to strengthen the abdominal muscles, arms and shoulders 
- Program to strengthen the lower extremities 
- Recommendations and advice

4. Preparing players for the season

- Regulation of body weight 
- The pre period - adaptation to the preparations at the club level for the upcoming season
- Training of athletes, sports form to raise the level of competition - the inclusion in the competition period 
- Improvement of motor skills: 
* Improving aerobic and anaerobic capacity 
* Improving mobility

- Work on the technical and tactical elements 
- Recovery 
- Recommendations and advice

5. Recovery after injury

- Permit a doctor or specialist that athletes can start with a light workout 
- The introduction of an athlete or spotriskinje in the training process after injury: 
- The ankle joint (distortion or sprain, sprains or dislocations, fractures, or fractures) 
- The knee joint (meniscus injury, injury front and rear cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament and) 
- Back injury (to strengthen the abdominal muscles and leđnje) 
- Injuries of the cervical spine 
- Violation of the shoulder joint and elbow 
1. Anatomical Adaptation tendon - joint system 
2. Raising motor skill ability to optimal values ​​depending on the age, sex, position in the team and so on. 
3. Raising the level of technical ability for a particular sport 
4. Training a player or players for the training process through integral preparation 
5. Recommendations and advice

6. Recovery Programme

- Questionnaire 
- The degree of injury 
- Mutual cooperation between coaches and athletes